Working Smart

Some people work very hard to accomplish their goals.

While others achieve theirs with little effort.

In reality, working hard or hardly working is not always reflected by the accomplishment.

To maximise accomplishments, one must work smart before hard.

The ultimate determination of success is whether the effort is guided effectively. A small amount of directed effort can accomplish far more than using a great deal of non-directed effort.

By thinking through and optimising the approach before investing effort, we can maximise achievements and exceed expectations.

The underlying principles behind SAM (SmarterApproach® Methodology) are achieved by evaluating, optimising and enhancing the approach to enterprise software development.

By ensuring all spent effort is directed smartly, we can achieve our objectives while opening a new horizon of possibilities towards Sustainable Circular Technology.

Be deliberate. Demand a better future with Sustainable Circular Technology,

Sally M Solaymantash