Women in Tech

People talk about the lack of women in technology. Many events showcase technology speakers who are either consumers of technology or associates in technology firms.

However, distinguished an individual may be, misrepresentation will detract from everyone.

It’s like being called a chef because you’ve eaten or worked in a restaurant!

I like to celebrate the real women in tech. Women like:

Ada Lovelace publishing the first loopback instruction for computers in 1843 (still in use today). Almost a century, before computers were built!

Hedy Lamarr patenting frequency hopping technology in 1942. The foundation of today’s Wifi & Bluetooth.

Grace Hopper, creating the first compiler in 1952. Which is the basis of programming as we know it.

Radia Perlman, developing scalability protocol for network traffics in 1984. The reason we can all enjoy the internet.

Sophie Wilson developing the first commercial IP Core, in 1985; enabling us to have tablets and smartphones.

It is not about the quantity. It’s about the quality of representatives.

These are just a few of many amazing women who have changed the course of technology and our world.

Let’s celebrate.

Which women in tech do you admire and want to celebrate?

Sally M Solaymantash