Visual Communication

Why businesses undo years of academic communication training?

Recently a great friend Antonio Zamora gave a presentation on visual communication. Listening to Antonio made me have an aha moment!

Throughout our formal education, we learn to utilise complex language to explain our understanding. This approach is to expand our vocabulary and knowledge. For example, a doctorate thesis is not written for comprehension by an eight-year-old.

However, in society, this approach leads to many miscommunications and mistakes.

Business mentors always stress that, that everyone should be able to explain their concept in a language comprehendible to an eight-year-old!

Why such a discrepancy between academia and business? Shouldn’t academia be laying the foundation for societal needs?

How can this communication gap be bridged?

Not an easy task.

Instead of moulding the next generation to what we believe they should do or be. Maybe we should focus on, how to best fulfil the societal needs by developing each individual’s natural talents.

SAM SmarterApproach® Methodology helps to bring clarity across the entire enterprise through visual communication. SAM creates an enterprise-wide single visual source of truth.

Sally M Solaymantash