Tomorrow Begins Today!

You may have heard of this expression. But how often have you really thought about it?

The seeds of the future harvests have to be planted today; this is the law of nature.

But it is not limited to plants. It applies to all that takes place on our planet Earth.

Each one of us exists TODAY, only because of the actions of every one of our ancestors. Everything that we know, have, experience and can do today are as a result of the actions taken by the prior inhabitants of our planet.

Similarly, every one of our decisions and actions TODAY DO NOT ONLY impact us. They impact the FUTURE generations to come; beyond our children or grandchildren.

They impact the entire inhabitants of our planet in millennia to come!

We can’t only live for the future.

But it would be great, once in a while, to think about the future seeds that we are planting today.

Be deliberate.

Demand a better future,

Sally M Solaymantash