The End

I have always wondered “What is an END?” 

It is a simple way of concluding a book, a conversation or a topic. But, in truth “The End” is never really an END!

People thought the horizon was the end. Then they learnt, the earth is round, and the horizon is just the limit of their vision.

They thought the world would end on 21-Dec-12, per Mayans. But, it turned out, that the Mayans simply ran out of time, ink or energy to write.

I believe “END” is simply a limit of our imagination. 

Thanks to visionaries before us, igniting our imaginations and burning down many of our limitations, the possibilities have grown.

When I look at the software industry, I don’t see an end state. I see endless possibilities. 

Wisdom creates a never-ending quench for learning. 

More we learn, more we realise how much more there is to explore and learn.  

Set your imagination alight and expand its horizons. 

Be a visionary.

Wishing you many new horizons,

Sally M Solaymantash