Social Dilemma

I recently watched Social Dilemma.

My summary? A documentary about people who choose to focus on their short-term gains, without considering the long-term impact of their actions. Now, they are distancing themselves from the mess, by finger pointing and without any contribution towards a solution to undo the mess they helped to create!

Throughout the show, two statements hit the mark for me.

Cathy O’Neil (Data Scientist) saying “AI cannot solve the problem of Fake News”; negating the prior statement by Mark Zuckerberg “The real long-term solution is to build more AI tools …”.

The other, [paraphrasing] Jaron Lanier (Computer Scientist) saying “If we go down the current path, we will destroy our civilisation. We will fail to meet challenge of climate change, degrade world’s democracies and ruin the global economy”.

The documentary was about the social impact. I wish Netflix would widen the scope and explore the environmental and economic impacts. If you were amazed by Social Dilemma, you need to fasten your seatbelt for this one!

This confirms my commitment to change the current trajectory with SAM (Smarter Approach Methodology).

A smarter tool for a smarter future.

What did you think?

Sally M Solaymantash