Manager or Leader?

A recent article stated how managers are using tracking tools to ensure their employees “work” while at home!

I believe a person’s productivity should be measured in many ways. But primarily, on time and quality of their deliverables and not through tracking their every action.

If they don’t deliver within the set time and quality, then what should matter is …

* Was the effort wrongly estimated? If so, what can we learn from this?

* Was the assignment above their ability?

* Did they ask for help? If so, did they receive it?

* What can you do to better support them to succeed in future?

* How can you help them turn their weaknesses into future strengths?

If they completed their task within shorter time and/or much higher quality, then does that mean…

* Are they ready for more responsibility?

* Which strength can you leverage or extend to help them become even more successful?

A company’s most precious asset is its people.

Their success is your success, which is the company’s success!

Success arrives from dialogue; not a tracking tool and turns “a manager” into “a leader”.

If you don’t consider the human factor, the outcome is never welcomed.

Don’t manage your team. Lead them to success,

Sally M Solaymantash