Live your Dream

How do you measure your life?

Many measure theirs by materialistic gages; value of their possessions, job title or even by whom they know.

I have always evaluated mine, from my death bed!

When faced with my last moments, how would I view my life?

I would want to make sure that I have had a fulfilled life. I want to be able to count all my accomplishments. To be able to say, “I did…” and not “I wish…”. I would want know that I followed all my dreams. Even the ones that didn’t achieve the expected; rather than wishing that I had tried. Even worse, wondering “what if I had tried?”.

Only then, I know for sure, that I did not waste my precious life in pursuit of hollow returns.

That is why, I am currently living my dream of trying to change the software industry through SAM SmarterApproach® Methodology.

I have one life to live. So, I will live it, to its fullest.

Many think there is always time later, to do what they really want to do. They only realise that time has run out, when its too late to act.

In the last moments of my life, by recalling glorious memories of all my adventures and achievements, I would know that I have had a fulfilled life.

A person can have many different dreams along their life’s journey. Each person’s dream will be different to other’s. There is no right or wrong way of dreaming. There is just right or wrong way of living.

Don’t let your dreams pass you by. Live your dreams,

Sally M Solaymantash