Life is like a puzzle

Sometimes, we have to work hard to find the pieces of the puzzle that fit together. Other times, they fall into place effortlessly.

Only through hard work and firmly holding the target vision in mind do we reach the final objective.

Life is like a puzzle.

We work hard for many years towards identifying and following our life’s path. At times, the next steps are hidden from view or appear impossible to achieve. Other times, they seamlessly fall into place as if by magic!

Only when we firmly hold the image of the end goal in our mind and work hard towards it, we get to see the finished product.

During my journey towards SAM, there were helpless endless times as well as magical, joyous times. As SAM's vision is becoming more apparent to others, so is its appreciation.

It is hard to stay true to your mission when all odds appear to be against you. Your heart of why and vision of your goal are sometimes your only fuel propelling you forward.

Like a great puzzle, the breath-taking result is only fully appreciated at the end when you lean back and take it all in. Then, you realise how much more the hard times have contributed to sweetness and appreciation of the outcome.

Wishing you a great journey in solving your puzzle,

Sally M Solaymantash