Key ingredients for success

I am often asked, what are the key ingredients for success?

I believe that there are three key ingredients: passion, diversity and adaptability.

At the heart of any successful venture, there has to be passion. By passion, I mean “the reason why” behind your venture. The reason that you are willing to forego your time and energy to turn your idea into reality. The reason you live, sleep and dream of your vision.

Your passion has to be strong enough to fuel the journey through the hard times and the obstacles ahead. This is not only an essential ingredient for the founder(s), it is also essential for the entire team. Passion is the glue that brings the whole venture together and unites the team into a single formidable force.

To that end, you must create a formidable team. Select your team well. Many think that their team has to consist of clones of themselves. On the contrary, in order to succeed you need to surround yourself with people who think differently and have different strengths. Strength of the team, comes from its diversity.

From diversity comes discussions and disagreements. These will lead to new understandings and learnings. Adaptability is a continuous application of lessons learned.

Success comes from bringing a diverse group of people together, united by a passion with an ability to continuously learn and adapt to our changing world.


This is how I have always succeeded in my ventures.

Wishing you a successful journey,

Sally M Solaymantash