International Women's Day

Media eludes, inequality is eliminable through numbers.

But does that create true equality?

When I started my journey down the route of science and technology, it was a man’s world. I was a minority. Over the years, I have had many first-hand experiences of inequalities.

Often, I had to work much harder to prove that I was equal to others - despite my skirt. Other times, I was offered a job because of my skirt and not my skills.

I heard “A woman is not a right fit for this role.”, "You can't possibly get paid the same as the men." or “You were the only female applicant. So, the job is yours.”.

Many think we can achieve equality through the reversal of negative to positive prejudice.

To me, they are different sides of the same coin - PREJUDICE.

By focusing on balancing the numbers, we fail on multiple levels:

Firstly, the right candidate experiences negative prejudice.

Secondly, the undeserving candidate experiences positive prejudice.

…and finally, we fail to secure the best candidate.

Is your objective about being equal or appearing to be equal?

On the international day of woman, on 8th March, please inspire the great women of the future by celebrating the amazing women of today.

Sally M Solaymantash