I can change a plug. But I’m no electrician.

I can write a cheque. But I’m no banker.

I can take a pulse. But I’m no doctor.

Throughout the years, I have encountered many impostors in the software industry, creating havoc and leaving behind minefields. Throwing around fashionable buzz-words with no true understanding of their intent. Eventually, their history becomes their credit and an armour.

Why there are so many impostors in the industry?

Software is a unique bridge between humans and computers, making human rationales essential.

Code is the communication method with computers. Similar to human language; by learning the syntax, any computer language can be learnt.

However, fluency in a language, for example, Japanese, doesn’t automatically make a person Japanese. In order to become one, a person would also need to have a fundamental understanding of the Japanese culture and practice it in their daily life.

Of course, people can learn. Some do. They have embraced the field, becoming real role models. However, these are few and far between. Impostors meanwhile, have grown rapidly in numbers.

Decades of fast growth in the industry, has facilitated easy entry for many opportunists driven by greed.

A sad example of how unchecked success leads to demise,

Sally M Solaymantash