Heart of Your Why

Have you wondered why, some seemingly impossible initiatives succeed; while other sure winners fall flat!

Many factors contribute to the success or failure of an initiative. But, the primary contributor is the passion behind the heart of why! 

Why this initiative? Why you? Why now?

Always be honest, even if you never voice it aloud. 

The passion drives you to the goalpost when the going gets tough or odds stack up. 

This is NOT the case of fake it, till you make it. 

The Je ne sais quoi for success always needs to include a selfless motivation. Your heart of why drives you through the difficult times and low points. If your heart is not in it, it is more likely that you will give up when faced with obstacles or hardship.

It doesn’t matter if your initiative is small or large, impacting one person or millions. The importance is your heart of why behind your commitment.

After years of dreaming about, studying and working in the technology industry, I am giving back. Making technology the BEST that I know it can be. 

SAM SmarterApproach® Methodology a sustainable circular technology.

What is in your heart of why?

Sally M Solaymantash