Golden Cage

I’ve visited few zoos and wild parks in my life, they however, remain a destination that I loath to visit.

As much as I appreciate all the hard work put in by keepers dedicated to protecting wildlife and endangered species, I believe that the logic behind the concept is warped!

We should, and must, learn how to take care and share our world, bringing balance back to it. Instead of imprisoning other species, we should be working to ensure their safety in their natural surroundings.

However spacious a cage, and whatever comfort it may provide, the occupants remain deprived of their natural habitats.

Our recent experience with lockdown is the closest the majority of us will ever come to living in a cage; albeit a golden one. We should reflect on this experience to ensure that we begin making smarter decisions that impact our world and all its inhabitants.

We should replace our current ‘me, myself and I’ attitude with ‘we, ourselves and us’. If we don’t, our future generations may end up living in cages, being kept safe from their decaying natural habitat!

This is the motive behind SAM, turning technology into a circular economy.

We have ONE world, let’s keep it safe by using our smarts.

What spirit, living in a golden cage, has awaken in you?

Sally M Solaymantash