Friend or Foe?

When I look at enterprises, I can’t but ask myself, Is technology a friend or foe?

Dictionary tells us: Cancer is the destruction caused by a fast-uncontrolled growth and, an Addiction is the dependency on a particular substance or activity.

When I look at back at the impact of technology on our enterprises, I see it as a cancerous growth and an addiction!

In the past decades, there has been an uncontrolled growth in enterprise technology. 

Meanwhile, we have progressed through all the stages of addiction. From euphoria to depression, withdrawal and dependency; while remaining in denial.  

Cancer is no longer a death sentence. Addiction is controllable. 

There is hope for our enterprises too. We can restore enterprises’ health.

Technology is amazing, when applied responsibly. Just like a glass of wine with a game of cards.

We must bring a healthy controlled growth back to enterprise technology, followed by behavioural modifications. In turn, enabling the underlying enterprise core business to flourish healthily once more.

This concept is at the heart of SAM (SmarterApproach® Methodology). 

The first step is Acceptance. 

Is your enterprise ready for a healthier lifestyle?

Sally M Solaymantash