Equality is NOT in numbers

Many believe equality is reached by having the same number in the variables. Such as gender, race or religion.

I believe before we can reach equality, we have to eliminate prejudice.

There are two types of prejudice negative and positive. Negative stems from ignorance, an opinion that is not based on reason or fact. Positive prejudice, is at best, condescending.

Nonetheless, they are two sides of the same coin, PREJUDICE.

So, where is EQUALITY?

As a female working in the predominately male industry for decades and as a Persian growing up in an Anglo-Saxon environment, I have had first-hand experiences of both types of prejudice in my life.

Focusing on numbers, as many are doing, is the cowards’ way forward. Short-term, it appears to be addressing the problem. But in reality, it is only creating a new, yet different, wave of inequality.

My experiences have taught me, equality doesn’t lie in numbers. It comes from learning to be BLIND and FOCUSED.

Being BLIND to what is not important and FOCUSED on the essentials of the objective.

Nothing can undo my past. But by being prejudice, I demonstrate I have not learned from my experiences and, that would be an unbearable thought.

Wishing for more blind focus on equality,

Sally M Solaymantash