Equality in Numbers

Over the past two years, based on my decades of first-hand experiences as a non-native woman working in global tech industry, I have spoken and written about why I believe “Equality is NOT in Numbers”. It is interesting to see the emergence of other like-minded articles, including a recent BBC article Why diverse hires can't always escape tokenism.

Equality is about people being recognised as EQUALS regardless of their Gender, Race, Age, Religion, Ailment or even Eye Colour.

UNTIL and UNLESS we FOCUS on essential criteria of need and remain BLIND to all non-relevant factors, we will always remain prejudice.

Switching from negative to positive prejudicsim does not make a person non-prejudice. It simply makes their prejudicsim different.

To quash prejudicsim, we have to look at a candidate for WHO they are and WHAT value they bring.

Instead of hiring an equal number of, Races, Genders or even eye colours, bring BLIND FOCUS to your selection. Base your selection on the candidates' core value alignment with yours and your needs with their skills.

Be deliberate.

Demand a better future,

Sally M Solaymantash