I am passionate about technology. Yet, I often say, “I’m the most anti-technology technologist”! 


I see many inferior technology products in the world. When there is a complaint, the user is blamed; not the product!

It’s like being told, “you don’t appreciate the food, because you’re not a chef”! You wouldn’t accept such a statement. So, why take it when it comes to technology products?

Too many unqualified people are in the sector, producing products with little user consideration and more holes than Swiss cheeses; creating a thriving ecology for cybercriminals and headache for the rest.

All consumers, be it individuals or companies, have fallen victim to imposters in the industry.

After decades of working in the technology sector, I am committed to creating awareness while helping to advance the ageing software technology for modern times. 

SAM returns technology to its core principals. Many of which are either forgotten or ignored. SAM enables us to continue with secure and unwavering use of technology while minimizing the impact of imposters in the field. 

Next time you encounter a technological problem, don’t blame yourself; blame the product,

Sally M Solaymantash